Angel Of The North...

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Angel of the North 

The Angel is a rather large contemporary structure found in Gateshead, I went there the other week just after a rather large snowstorm and had a picnic! I had a cold butt but there was soup so I wasn't too upset! However, it doesn't seem as big as it first did when I was 5! Although I suppose I am a little taller now. 

The angel has been through quite a bit; it used to be a vibrant green but through time has become this beautiful rusted colour that inspired us with this colour. It's had a Newcastle United shirt somehow hung onto it, it's a fantastic landmark for the people of the North East and interestingly is the largest Angel structure and one of the most viewed pieces of art in the world. 

If you're looking for a dramatic colour then this is definitely for you; providing a lush backdrop to any room! All swatches can be found in store and you can always buy a tester pot! 


Buy quality, cos if you buy cheap you paint twice! 

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