Capability Brown...

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Capability Brown

It's the one and only, every gardeners greatest icon, and he's certainly not a pansy! It's Capability Brown!! .... Now you may be asking who on earth is Capability Brown, well so was I at one point! But I watched this amazing documentary following 300 years of Capability Brown; England's Greatest Gardener. I mean his name wasn't really Capability, it was Lancelot but Capability Brown stuck because he would always say that people's gardens had the capability of greatness. Pretty clever actually. 

He designed over 170 gardens surrounding the finest country houses in Britain. I mean when you look at them they are simply beautiful. 

Okay so this isn't a typical garden you may be used to but this garden reflects the true beauty of nature and so does this colour. This colour brings out the warmth of nature but also acts as a great neutral colour, working well with other neutrals or vibrant colours like 'Budle Bay' or even 'Willow Burn'. 


Enjoy nature! But buy quality, cos if you buy cheap you paint twice! 

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