Whin Sill...

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Whin Sill 

 So i'm pretty sure everyone has been taught about Whin sill; this geological feature in Northumberland, formed 295 million years ago, stretching from Teesdale to wards Berwick! It's a large stretch of landscape that encompasses hadrians wall! A beautiful piece of scenery that is not admired as much as it should be! 

This colour is a warm grey/ brown that reflects the rock face of this geological landmark! A sophisticated colour that will add a touch of luxury! 

I've never actually been to this landmark before but my friends do the Hadrians walk every year! I think this year I may join them and take in this beautiful scenery! I just hope it's not too windy or the rescue team will be having a few calls! 


I hope you decide to go bold and sophisticated with this look! If you do come in store or utilise our 10% Discount online! Buy Quality; cos if you buy cheap you paint twice!  

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