Fog On The Tyne...

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Fog On The Tyne

I thought we'd talk about this colour; Fog on the Tyne, or rather, the colour of the sky this morning! 

A pale grey that illuminates an environment. Not only a colour but a feeling; grey is often associated with gloominess and coldness but this colour is contemporary and surprisingly bright for a grey; just like the sky on a snowy morning or a blanket of fog that spreads across the Tyne. 

This colour was not only inspired by the fog that often creeps across our landscape but also a bittersweet feeling felt by Alan Hull; lead singer of Tyneside folk rockers Lindisfarne. It is a celebratory song of life in Newcastle; doing what all we North East dwellers do best; have a pint! 

It's starting to brighten up now; although the sky is still littered with grey patches, I don't think the snow is going to stop so just stay inside and snuggle up because that's all that can be done in this weather! Or treat yourself to a pint! 

This is a beautiful colour for a contemporary home so please come in and have a look! If you dare venture out.. And if you do; Buy Quality, cos if you buy cheap you paint twice! 


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