Seaham Sea Glass...

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Seaham Sea Glass 

Seaham beach is the inspiration behind this colour; the best (in many people's opinion) sea glass beach in the world! This was once a site of a Victorian glass factory; and any unwanted glass chippings were often thrown into the sea. All of these were then smoothed down through the rough action of the waters, producing the beautiful gemlike pebbles that you can see here. 

This colour is visually calming but also a beautiful colour that will change from a green to a blue depending on the light shining on the walls, however it will always look alluringly graceful much like those fragments of glass. 

This is our last colour on our list and I hope that you can see just how inspired we all are by our heritage and the beautiful land we have surrounding us. This mesmerising colour and all of the others make me proud when I see them; proud of where i'm from and I hope that anyone looking to redecorate picks these! 

But if you do decorate please remember that you should buy quality, cos if you buy cheap you paint twice! And when I say that I really mean it. There are significant tests showing what a difference trade paint makes to a wall, not only in the vibrant nature of the colour but also the durability! 

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