Oak and Iron...

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Oak and Iron

Here's a colour that will wake you up on this horrible Monday! My personal favourite colour of the bunch; and currently the colour that is coated on my feature wall in my bedroom; Oak and Iron. 

This is a strong vibrant green that really stands out as a natural feature colour, named after the Oak and Iron; a Heritage Lottery Funded project aimed to conserve, enhance and celebrate the unique natural, industrial and cultural heritage of the Derwent Valley! 

I'm definitely a nature girl and if I were to paint my room again I'd do exactly the same! It's such a beautiful colour that reflects a freshly cut lawn (if only it smelt like that). It's a very calming colour that pairs beautifully well with oak pieces and berry and lemon coloured accessories, trust me! When the sun hits it, the green reflects onto the white other walls and just creates this sense of calm and nature. 

If you're looking for a bold new look that brightens a room and brings you back to nature and running through fields then I would definitely pick this one! Even in winter when everything feels grey, this is bright and bold! Sure to cure the winter blues! 

Shall I say it a few more times to make sure you hear? Buy quality; cos if you buy cheap you paint twice! 

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