It's Purple Pet...

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It's Purple Pet. 

Okay so this might be hands down the best name of a paint there is. How many times (and be honest) have you been consulted by your partner trying to pick a colour paint, and they're evaluating whether its a more light light purple, or a more lavender purple, or maybe its dipping into a maroon purple or even a rainbow purple! And all you want to do is shout "Oh my god! It's just purple!!!" 

Well this actually happened! When picking out these colours we were stuck between two purples and I'm pretty sure this is how it went: 

Me " I mean is this too purple? Is it too dark edging on brown or is it perfect in between of lavender and lilac?" 

To which a man came up behind me and grabbed my shoulder and said in the thickest Geordie accent: 

"Look it's Purple Pet... Pick one and let's move on" 

And I just thought yes.. you're right! 

So that probably wasn't as funny as it sounds but it just shows you how we take inspiration not only from the Landscape of the North East and it's history but also it's people! 

This colour is just as it says: It's purple. Often a very underrated colour, purple can help transform a room; make it look more luxurious, or even add a touch of nature with a fresh berry look. 

I hope you decide to redecorate and if you're looking for a bit more regality (.. if that's a word? If it is it fits well here.) then try some purple! 

Remember! You should by now I've certainly said it enough! Buy Quality; cos when you buy cheap you paint twice. 


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