Cragside Bloom...

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Cragside Bloom 

Cragside House is a beautiful house; which was the first house in the world to be lit by electricity, generated through hydropower! It was even visited by the prince and princess of Wales. I've been to this amazing house and It is drowning in history and incredibly interesting technology, made by many women no less! 

This colour is inspired by the beautiful famous rhododendrons that litter the Victorian gardens of Cragside house, surrounding the lakes and moors. 

This colour is a beautifully romantic shade, extremely versatile and will look amazing with both metallic and neutral colours. So if you're looking to create a romantic feel in a room or simply brighten up a dark space I would pick this beautiful blushing colour inspired by the nature all around us! Well... All around us when it's not been drowned in snow! 

I hate this weather. 

But anyway! Go bold! And buy quality; cos if you buy cheap you paint twice. 

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