Red Dust...

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Red Dust

A homage to the steel works in Consett, County Durham. Consett was once littered with a red sky caused by the red iron oxide dust that only cleared in the 1980s when the steel works closed. This colour is warm and inviting; much like the people of Consett. A versatile colour that is complimented by green, creams and blues! 

I live just outside Consett and growing up I learnt about what a rich history this area had, so many hard working people that knew nothing other than a red sky. People who's lives changed dramatically in 1980. 

Recently there has been talks of development of open mines in Consett, companies who will mine rapidly in order to provoke the least amount of environmental damage on an area; building nature reserves once they've finished. No red dust this time though! 

There is a small brewery that has also been inspired by Consett's Steel works; The Consett Ale Works, their top ale? Red Dust! A bunch of local friendly people who want to keep the rich history alive! 

Have a bit of history in your colour scheme and buy quality; cos if you buy cheap you paint twice! 


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