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Willow Burn

This colour was inspired by the remarkable work that Willow Burn Hospice in Lanchester provides. 70% of their funding relies solely on charitable donations and sponsors; Bescol are proud to support Willow Burn, with 20% of our profits on each tin from our Northumbria Heritage collection donated to this charity! 

The colour green is inspired by their logo which gives an uplifting feeling; the same as when you spend hours in the great outdoors enjoying nature! This colour evokes harmony, peace and restfulness in a room. 

My uncle recently had a stroke and the care that he received from Willow Burn really has helped make a difference, they are all so kind and attentive. None of my family had ever experienced something like this so it was amazing to know that we had support from Willow Burn! 

So if you're looking for a colour that reflects that peaceful and restful feeling then go for a colour inspired by the masters of peace! And don't forget to buy quality, cos if you buy cheap you paint twice! 

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