Stottie Cake...

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Stottie Cake 

Okay so this is fantastic, when can you ever say; other than when you have small sticky children, that you've got stottie cake plastered on your wall? 

For those of you that don't know what a stottie cake is (shame on you) it is a large sort of sweet bread that first originated in the North East. This bread is perfect for a warm chip butty; trust me i've had my fair share! 

This is a perfect warm cream that will compliment a vibrant bold colour or even on it's own for a warmer feeling room. Paired with white woodwork, this would look stylish and simplistic.

I'm in the process of up-cycling a few old tired pieces of furniture from my parents house, which for a novice DIYer is proving a lot easier than I thought thanks to this range. It's a very durable paint that you don't need many coats of in order to cover a darker piece. Would definitely recommend! 


Don't forget! Buy Quality; cos when you buy cheap, you paint twice. 

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