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Anas Crecca

Hey! I'm spicing it up today and going for a bright beautiful colour called Anas Crecca; if the name sounds strange it's because it's Latin for Eurasian Teal. The Eurasian Teal is a beautiful duck that can be found at the WWT Washington Wetland Centre (WWC) alongside: Asian short-clawed otters,

Chilean Flamingos

and the rarest goose in the world!

It's an incredible nest of nature in amongst the hustle and bustle of the North East. 

Back to the paint! This teal is super vibrant that really stands out on a wall, if you're a bit fun loving and bubbly like me then you'll certainly love this statement colour! I would definitely pair with gold accessories to accent the colour like on the duck's head. I guess if you're decorating a room you could follow the rich natural tones of the duck's own colouring; deep teal walls, brown leather setee with gold vase? Just me that thinks that would look incredible and regal? 

I studied Zoology at university and I really feel at home in nature, so if there is anyway that I can pull naturalistic tones in my life you can bet I will do it! 

Be bold! And remember: Buy Quality; cos if you buy cheap, you paint twice. 

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