Monkeys Blood...

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Monkey's Blood

No this is not us murdering monkeys just for your living room wall! This colour was inspired by the raspberry topping you have on your 99! You have to have this on or else it just isn't a 99, and if you don't have any on your 99 then you should feel ashamed! As ashamed as ice cream vendors should be for selling a classic 99 for £2.50! 

This colour is fun! just like this monkey! 

I feel like we all needed that on this Monday morning don't you? This raspberry Red works amazingly well as a feature wall, paired with neutrals like our previous colour Vindolanda, even with more vibrant colours too! Never be scared to go bold in a room you'd be surprised what an impact it makes! 

I still remember the look I got off a southern ice cream vendor when I asked for monkey's blood on my ice cream... No wonder all southerners think we're strange! 

Anyway! Be bold! Buy Quality; cos if you buy cheap you paint twice! 

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