Cuddy's Beads...

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Cuddy's Beads 

A strange sounding name but this colour reflects fossilised stems of Carboniferous crinoids. These were collected and strung together as a rosary for St Cuthbert. These stems are still being washed up on Holy island. 

I always think it's amazing how fossilisation occurs. This is quite a topical colour at the moment as an ancient beach woodland was just recently uncovered in redcar, all be it just a stump of a tree but still interesting! A 10,000 year old forest uncovered just because of a storm, seems pretty amazing to me! 

This colour reflects the boldness of nature, its a sturdy colour with a fantastic quality that will last you a lifetime, maybe not 10,000 years but it is definitely not going anywhere! 

A Bold neutral colour that pairs very well with paler colours/ fabrics. 


Buy Quality; cos if you buy cheap you paint twice! 

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