Bonny Lass...

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Bonny Lass 

 A term of endearment in the North East for a Geordie, or a very confusing phrase when uttered to a Southerner. 

I went to university in Wales and I think the first week no one really understood what I was on about. When consoling a friend about a lost love, what I meant as a term of endearment was met with a completely baffled face. 

If you're after a nice true pink, although I definitely wouldn't say this is just a colour for a girls room, this is a perfect colour! This colour is sophisticated when paired with pastels and chalk but also playful with other vibrant colours. It's your pallet, you should have fun with it! You'd be surprised how well bold colours go together! It's not all about neutrals, a bright colour can really open up a room and give it some life. 

Be bold and buy quality, cos if you buy cheap you paint twice! 

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