Tide of Life...

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Tide of Life 

The calming and delicate blue colour similar to the crashing waves at Tyne-mouth, or the streams of water cascading down Consett right now in this ridiculous weather!!! 

This colour was actually not inspired by the freak weather we experience in the North but actually by Dame Catherine Cookson; one of the Uk's most widely read novelists. Born in 1906, this inspirational woman of her time wrote over 100 books that sold over 123 million copies! Move over Jane Austin! 

This colour is beautiful and delicate; pairing well with an off white for a nautical/ coastal vibe. My mum actually has this colour in her bathroom, she has a nautical theme; little white houses and whales. It looks absolutely beautiful. 

I think we are actually blessed with a beautiful coastline in the North East; and that isn't me being biased I promise!! 

This colour is perfect for anyone that wants some calming colours to accent a room. So if you're after that sort of look then go no further! But buy quality; cos if you buy cheap you paint twice! 

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